Day 5 / May 17 : Do Something Kind in Your Neighborhood

“So many people say they want to save the world. Just try your block, will you?” – Rev. Cecil Williams

Step outside your residence and do a quick tour of whatever you consider to be your neighborhood. As you conduct your tour, look for opportunities to do something kind.

Try not to plan your outing on the kindness action, but let it appear to you. Be open to it. Let it find you. Is it for a person, a group, a particular age? Is it for another species? Is it for the environment? Some combination?

Once you have defined the kind action, complete it in the way it is meant to be done. Consider the act as having its own integrity and your job is to honor that integrity.

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3 thoughts on “Day 5 / May 17 : Do Something Kind in Your Neighborhood

  1. Conection to nature was what I focused on today. I have a special place on our upper dock where I like to have my breakfast and read until the sun drives me back inside. As I approached the dock, I watched a young blue heron carefully walking along the front looking for a fish to eat . My arrval caused him to fly a few feet away into shallow water and caused one of our nesting pair of whistling ducks to fly away from the box put up especially for them. Much later when I went back down to the lower level, I was startled by the splash of a young fish in the deep water and in the shallow water, I observed another fish, a male tending a nesting bed on the sandy bottom which he had prepared under the weeds there. I was surrounded by wildlife which I was able to quietly observe as they were observing me and reacting to my presence. I have to respect them as they own the lake more than I do. I would not have it any other way.

    • Beautiful, Linda. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your home environment and that of so many other creatures who share it with you.

      I recommended a local restaurant to a friend and let the restaurant owner know how much we like coming there last night. Happily, when we went in, we saw the friend brought her family there last night too. They have a eall painted with blackboard paint and chalk for the kids to create and area with child sized tables chairs and fun toys and activities. I love the effort they made to make the restaurant kid-friendly and we genuinely hope for their success.

  2. An opportunity for clearing blackberry bushes in our yard has come up… communicated with our neighbor who was putting up a play structure for her kids and apologized for these unruly branches growing over the fence 🙂

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