Day 4 / May 16 : Surprise Someone

“Love withers with predictability; its very essence is surprise and amazement.” – Leo Buscaglia

Today’s theme is the classic concept summarized in the phrase a “random act of kindness.” In its randomness, these actions come as surprises to the recipients.

In choosing, select someone you think would really benefit from being the recipient of a positive surprise and provide it. Enlist others in support of this if you want to increase the scope of the kindness.

For inspiration, be sure to visit this link. After having done so, take some time to think about all the things that public employees do to make your life easier.

Perhaps your surprise will be for one of them.

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2 thoughts on “Day 4 / May 16 : Surprise Someone

  1. About a year ago, I was a recipient of a “random act of kindness” – from someone who I did not know and still do not know. It was one of these 12 hour days (and yes: I am a public employee 🙂 and I was going through the Starbuck’s drive through in the morning. This particular morning, I bought both breakfast and lunch there, knowing the schedule of the day ahead. The surprise was that the person in front of me had paid for my order!
    Although I never had a chance to thank this person directly ( and I guess that is one of the points of this positive activity) I still think about this often – and I truly enjoyed the surprise 🙂

  2. My surprise was for a neighbor who has done kind things for me – giving me flowers in the fall to transplant into our yard. His wife who is 92 recently went into a nursing home and I just thought it might make his day if I brought him a supper from our homecooked meal – pork roast and pecan pie! I took enough pork that he could have two big slices of roast and then slice the rest for a bbq pork sandwich. I think he is a bit overwhelmed by having his loving spouse not in the house with him even though he has been caring for her at home for quite some time. He kept saying, “I just don’t know what I am going to do” anticipating a time when he will be alone.

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