Day 6 / May 18 : Do Something Kind For an Acquaintance

“I look upon every day to be lost in which I do not make a new acquaintance.” – Samuel Johnson

Somewhere between friend and stranger are those people we call acquaintances. They might be friends of friends, or people who provide us a regular service, or even certain neighbors. We know of these people. We just don’t KNOW them. Our relationship with them is “neutral.”

Today, complete an act of kindness for one of your acquaintances. In celebrating one acquaintance, we celebrate all of our acquaintances. In celebrating all of our acquaintances, we celebrate everyone.

Do you see how completing acts of kindness creates a positive wave of human synergy, that it harnesses something greater than what first may be apparent?

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3 thoughts on “Day 6 / May 18 : Do Something Kind For an Acquaintance

  1. I went to our annual local volunteer fire department fish fry today. The man cooking the catfish was a carpenter who worked on our house several years ago after Hurricane Ike. I had recently asked him to come look at a very small project for me. When I greeted him, he asked if 9 am on Monday would be good. I said yes and went in to eat and visit with friends for over an hour. When I came out, I walked up to Derrell, the carpenter and chief, and said,”Well, Darrell, I just have to say this, you are as good a chef as you are a carpenter! That was delicious!” He beamed and said “Thank you!”

  2. Students to teachers really are their very own category, but I will consider them here as “acquaintances” for the assignment… took some extra time today to help a student who is really struggling with the workload… and took some extra time to advise someone who is looking for a new career direction. Hopefully these intentions and actions were helpful!

    • Incidentally, I just found out today that the student I advised found her way to a place on campus that just seems to be the right direction for her. The “stars were aligned” – the people she really needed to see, just happened to have open office hours etc. I think the Kindness Project is working!!!

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