In May of 1963, Andy Smallman and Melinda Shaw were both born, Melinda on the 13th and Andy on the 24th. In 2013, as a way to honor their 50th birthdays, Andy crafted this kindness activity, the 12 Days of Kindness. KL-eNewsFor 12 days, beginning on Melinda’s birthday and continuing through his, Andy sent out a message that contained a kindness theme suggestion.

The idea of Andy providing kindness classes is nothing new. He offered his first class to a group of middle schoolers in 1995 and soon thereafter brought the concept to others via the Internet. Since then, thousands of people have participated and his classes have gained international recognition.

The 12 Days of Kindness was designed for people to contemplate and then act on a kindness theme each day. The activity has been archived here and can be utilized as you see fit. Feel free to scan through the days to see what Andy suggested, or progress through the days one by one in the way the activity was first presented. Select “The 12 Days” to see each of the activities.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about Andy’s ongoing kindness classes, check out the Kind Living website.

Oh, another goal of the 12 Days of Kindness was to get 1000 Likes on Andy’s & Melinda’s Facebook page and 1000 subscribers to their Kind Living eNewsletter. They didn’t achieve these goals but had a good time promoting them. Track how things went at the bottom of each day’s post.

Lastly, hats off to artist Fish Astronaut who creates all the artwork used to accompany Andy’s classes.