Day 12 / May 24 : Do Something Kind For Yourself

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” — The Golden Rule

So here we are at the end of 12 days. Let me begin by saying happy birthday to myself! I was born 50 years ago today in Omaha, Nebraska at approximately 1pm Central Time. So my 51st year on the planet begins a little after 11am in Seattle.

And, hey, guess what. I’m taking the day off work. Shhh….

On this, the last day of the 12 Days of Kindness I encourage you to seriously consider what being kind to yourself means. See if you find a little nugget of truth in the idea that EVERY act of kindness you perform benefits you in some way.

As such, EVERY kind thing you do in your life is an act of kindness for yourself.

And if it’s true, if every act of kindness is actually an act of kindness for yourself, look back at the previous 11 days and see every kind thing you did as a kindness to yourself.

With that in mind, what will you do to complete this theme today?

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3 thoughts on “Day 12 / May 24 : Do Something Kind For Yourself

  1. Happy Birthday to you, my young friend. Every time I read your blog or take a class with you I am doing something wonderful for myself. Every time you post a blog or begin a new class you are sending kindness my way and to all those you have helped with your insights, your joy in life, and your humor. Thank you for being a significant part of these last three plus years in my life. You have helped me become a happier and better person.

  2. Happy Birthday, Andy! There is so much to celebrate in life, and learning to become more aware of its wonders adds enjoyment to moments, days, years…

  3. Happy Belated Birthday fellow Omaha-an. Just returned from a vacation and had the most profound connection to people in beautiful Savannah GA. I attribute this to your classes and some work I am doing with a dear friend. You are such a gift to the universe and I am happy to keep giving the gift back to you and forward to the universe. Blessings!

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