Day 8 / May 20 : Provide Something Wonderful for Someone to Find

“Life is positively great and wonderful and exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s behind the next corner and all the corners after that.” –Anonymous

Today’s theme is intended to help you experience the idea of each of us being vehicles of kindness in a user-friendly universe.

By providing something wonderful for someone to find, I am encouraging you to think creatively. In doing so as part of a greater whole, I am hoping you will think holistically.

Note, the word “wonderful” is being used purposefully but it needs to be defined by you.

Quietly emptying the dishwasher at night after your partner has gone to bed so she enters the kitchen the next morning with that chore done is one way to meet the intention of this theme.

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2 thoughts on “Day 8 / May 20 : Provide Something Wonderful for Someone to Find

  1. For my High School Senior daughter: for her to find on the kitchen counter this morning… healthy groceries, fruits and vegetables + protein shakes and glucosamine supplements – hope she likes these while she is getting ready for the State Softball tournament this coming weekend in Spokane. (She did express an interest to these; not just something I am trying to make her eat!)
    PS. Love the photo of Andy and Ella with juicy burgers!

  2. I am posting a day late as I spent the night at my son’s house. We all went to a movie last night called Chasing Ice about global warming and from the back seat, I heard their mother say to the youngest “Are those your shoes smelling?” He said they were and from the back his older brother added something about his stinky socks! Their mother pointed out to the oldest that his shoes smell too.

    So while out shopping in town today, I bought what I purchased years ago for my son’s stinky shoes – Odor Eaters. I had to get the spray as I could not find the shoe inserts. I set them on the table in a little purple bag for someone to find, I am sure whoever does will know what to do with it!!

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