Day 7 / May 19 : Do Something Kind For a Stranger

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” – Seneca

We all begin as strangers. Our closest friends were once unknown to us. With that in mind, I present today’s theme.

Today, please extend a kindness action to a stranger, someone you do not know on a personal level. Typically, these are the people you pass by or hear about as you go on with your day.

This theme is intended to help you experience how it feels to do something kind when reciprocation is not likely.  But who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new good friend.

For a little inspiration, check out the Year of Giving.

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5 thoughts on “Day 7 / May 19 : Do Something Kind For a Stranger

  1. In the “Year of Giving” it is really amazing that an unemployed person is beginning to give away money on a daily basis. Most people in this position would become very fearful of limited resources… just the opposite of this person.

  2. The fund drive at Classical King FM 98.1 has been going on this week, so I have listened to may of their inspirations for giving, and being a patron of the arts – on small or large scale, whatever you can. Since this radio station became public 2 years ago, I have made a small sustainable monthly gift and I do feel good about it. Being able to tune into a radio station without commercials is wonderful to me, and the thought of making this possible to others gives me a feeling of community with other “strangers” connected through the love of classical music 🙂

  3. Today a couple that I had not met before slowed down in front of our dock when another neighbor and I were chatting, she in a kayak and me at the table. They have owned their home on our lake for four years! Apparently they only come out in the summer and on weekends .

    At on point, boat to kayak, they were talking with my neighbor about wanting to redo their dock and bulkhead but complained that none of the calls they made to builders were returned. I volunteered that I knew a good, reliable carpenter who did both and gave them his name. I told them if they forget, that I still had his sign up on the island that he rebuilt for us just off our dock, so they can find the resource I gave them when they are ready to get the work done!

      • It is a small lake south of Lake Livingston in a subdivision called Holiday Lake Estates. The lake is named after the developers daughter, Lake Londa Lynn!

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