The Midway Point

It’s Day 6 of the 12 Days of Kindness, or the midway point. I thought that it might be time for a little check in. 🙂

SmileSo how are you doing? Are you playing along, completing kindness acts along the way? Are you reading each day’s post? Remember, any way you want to participate is great. Honor yourself and you’ll be doing just fine (note, that’s a hint of Day 12’s theme).

I also want to put in another plug for helping Melinda and me get to 1000 Likes on our Facebook page. On Day 1 we had 869 and now we’re at 919, a gain of 50. Not bad! But we need 81 more by Friday to reach the goal. Spread the Facebook word, okay?

We’ve given up on getting 1000 subscribers to the Kind Living eNewsletter. In fact, maybe we should reset the goal to not fall below 500! We started with 828 and are down to 816. What’s up with that?!

While I’ve got you, I wrote an important post today on my personal blog, Thinking Allowed. I’m hoping it will interest many of you who have found us through the 12 Days of Kindness.

Thank you so much for your involvement. Again, any way you want to participate is wonderful.