Day 2 / May 14 : Play Fair

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” — Mark Twain

Here on Day 2, I ask you to consider who you are consistently. Do you play fair?

Such is the encouragement I offer you today, to practice building your character. Start by considering the theme and what it means to you.

Does playing fair have to do with your actions, attitudes, something else?

Does it have to do with things like putting your dishes in the dishwasher? With how you use natural resources? Money?

Whatever it is, play fair today. All day long.

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5 thoughts on “Day 2 / May 14 : Play Fair

  1. A rule I learned from being on the school board is to start a complaint at the lowest level. If they can make a solution, they are a hero. if not, you have to escalate. But, the highest guy still has to get to the bottom of the problem. I made a lot of friends, and heroes, that way.

  2. I am consistently a support player – especially in my family team. For a mom, this of course goes along with the norms of society so choices in thoughts and actions usually generate little conflict. Today, however, I need to choose between two teams: my family team and my work team. In the evening, I have a quarterly work meeting scheduled (date set since last year) at the same time as my daughter’s playoff game (date set a week ago). Both “teams” are small so my absence will be noticeable in both cases. What would be most “fair” tonight?

  3. I’ve had so many kids start conversations with ‘that’s not fair’. We usually went right to Life’s Not Fair. I think it’s good to strive for ‘fair’, but helpful to learn how to cope with things that aren’t. Like Nikki says…….what would be ‘most’ fair?

    Will ponder ‘fair’ today.

    Again, thank you for such a great kindness exercise!

  4. Glad you posted this theme today as I was struggled with ordering blinds for our guest house, owned by us and our son and his wife. Chelsea is so different from us, she is not pushy in any way. doesn’t have really strong preferences, and is always willing to compromise or should I say “give in” on what we do with our two shared houses.

    When I got the price tag for the blinds, I balked! The new guest house has never been slept in yet, although we did not have furniture until six months ago However, she is making plans for some friends to stay overnight or even maybe a week and while I don’t really want blinds at all, she does. Today I decided since she liked them and she gives in all the time to something I prefer, it is only fair that I give in! And I feel good about that!

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