Day 1 / May 13 : Share

“Our best things come from others.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before announcing the kindness theme for the day, the first in the 12 Days of Kindness, I’m thrilled to say that it’s Melinda’s 50th birthday today. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. Here’s to 50 more (and several of these in France, ok??)!!

Now as we get started on 12 consecutive days of kindness themes, I ask you to employ one of the all-time basic kindness concepts and one of the major themes of childhood, sharing.

Typically, in childhood, this has to do with toys or supplies or food, all of which are fine things to share in the spirit of this theme. But also consider things you can share that may not be physical items, like your wisdom or knowledge.

Do not feel like you have to share anything “big”. An important part of these themes is to become familiar with doing what is sincere to YOU, not as a show for others.

Also, please consider posting what you do to complete this theme below. In doing this, we ALL get to learn from and benefit from each others’ actions. Heck, it’s even another form of sharing, right? Thanks!!

Bonus: Try using this theme to see how true sharing actually increases the amount we all have.

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21 thoughts on “Day 1 / May 13 : Share

  1. Happy Birthday, Melinda! I started my day by sharing your Facebook page with a number of my dearest friends. Peace, love and blessings to both you and Andy today and every day.

  2. Happy Birthdays!! I have shared ten smiles already, and it’s early yet 🙂

  3. This morning I shared quiet time with the birds and in turn was gifted a melodic solo song of chirping. Birthday salutations Melinda 🙂

    • Love the birds singing too!
      They are little fairies bringing great music to us!
      Imagine their totally different views of this world and keep caring for them!
      I’ve got a couple of blue tits nesting in my bird box and kept feeding all birds over the winter.

  4. So interesting that “sharing” is the first step in this kindness theme. My partner and I are creating an event (which will occur in 3 weeks) is which we will share our lives, our thoughts, our wisdom if there is any, in a public event with some of our friends (those who are available). We see this as a gift from us, their attendance as their gift, and we have hopes that our example may lead others to create similar events.

  5. Happy Birthdays to Melinda and Andy 🙂 Just turned 50 myself so also personally recognize the importance of this milestone… To share something here, I would like to post the “This is Water” videogram about developing compassion and kindness by One of my best friends shared it with me, and I have been passing it on. It was also interesting to do a bit more research into the 2005 commencement speech by David Foster Wallace that this videogram was based on… as an original speech (22 minutes) there were 18,000 views… as a shortened version (12 minutes) 240,000 views…when shortened to 10 minutes and adapted to a videogram, over 3 million views! Makes me think that all important messages could be converted to videograms and shared widely 🙂

  6. My son is in Kindergarten and I volunteered to help the school’s art teacher with the Kinder’s book project. I saw the teacher this morning and she looked wore out. I shared a listening ear and found out she is overwhelmed and sick. I then just felt the need to give her a hug and some encouragement! Thank you Melinda and Andy for creating this project in honor of your birthdays. I celebrate both of you and am grateful for this blog!

  7. A year ago today, it was a tragic day at Cafe Racer and Town Hall. Today, the survivors comment that “positivity is a choice” in this video link:

    Personally, when I visited Town Hall for the Town Hall Meeting about gun violence last May, I was briefly interviewed for King5 TV. Although I did not personally know her, the loss of Gloria Leonidas affected me – approximately my age, doing things I could have been doing. When asked to comment for King5, all I could say was: “Let’s all be kinder, nicer to each other every day.” In the terms of David Foster Wallace, this would probably be a “banale platitude”, but in its simplicity makes me appreciate the treasure of every day, and the opportunities we have to be kind to each other in our interactions.

  8. Happy birthday to you both! I followed this theme by sharing about some running shoes I had just brought with a co-worker who is also a runner. The shoes are very light and well built to support the foot and help running be a gentler experience for your feet, knees, and legs. Thank you!-John

  9. Sharing the small things is so meaningful. Each Monday morning before beginning the day, a friend and I meet in a local coffee house and check in with each other on joint projects, but also what is happening with us personally. I am the more hesitant one to share, wanting only to give positive and bright information and stories. The lesson for me is that simply opening the heart and spending time together can be enough. Happy birth day, Melinda and Andy!

  10. I would like to share a story of a little yellow heart that I found on my kitchen rug today. It was part of a package of paper hearts that my grandson gave to his mother yesterday. But don’t you see — I was meant to get one as well!! I don’t know what Chelsea did with her packet of hearts, but there it was — a little bitty yellow heart on my floor today. My husband did not pick it up and thow it away before I got up late. IT was meant for me, maybe because I love yellow, or maybe because while getting flowers from my grandchildren yesterday was special, finding the little yellow heart that got shared made my day, today, another reason to be happy I am a grandmother! I hope my story makes you happy too!

  11. I like to share — just little “everyday” things like smiles, encouraging comments, happy news. Your theme today is making me think about that — and about being intentional about sharing rather than habitual. This morning I’ve already shared smiles, laughter, encouragement, wisdom, with fellow students (I’m back in school, years later in life). However, for the rest of the day I will do it with conscious intention. Thanks Melinda and Andy, and may your birthdays be joy filled!

  12. Love the theme, and the whole idea about it being a birthday gesture! The ripple effect will be amazing!
    I shared my time this AM, helping at our local food bank. Always start my week with Monday at the food bank. Helps set a tone for my week.

  13. I shared a lot of honestly felt smiles and good thoughts and made one of my students (with special needs) very proud of himself as he managed to complete his course improving his balance by learning how to use a wheelbarrow in the organic garden sessions I teach for students with special needs. The enormous open smile of pride on his face filled me with love and pride for him. Another student was very sad today, and by just sharing some true attention to her and acknowledging her feelings she managed to pick herself up (which in turn made me very happy) and enjoy some purposeful sowing of flowers that will brighten up the area and feed the bees! I also shared my temporary physical problem (pain!) with my dear college and this gave her the opportunity to share some caring and lovely words with me, and I am sure it did her good as I saw it in her eyes, she’s just started here you see, and longs for connection, and besides other practical things that brought us together, this is an other one that helped me too.
    God there’s so much sharing going on in my life!
    And your birthdays made me more aware of this. I think it is a great idea of yours!
    Happy birthday both! I had my 50st in March this year.
    Great to be 50 isn’t it?

  14. Tonight we shared a wonderful dinner of grilled salmon tacos at our house with two friends! It was very impromptu, but as they left, I remembered that today’s theme was sharing. They brought a few delicious sides, but the best part was sharing laughter. Sharing food and friendship made this Monday way better. Looking forward to the rest of this module!

  15. First, I shared the 12 Days experience with a few people. Perhaps others are doing it as well now! : ) I shared some inspirational things online, gave some smiles to whoever I ran into, gave a dollar-bill folded into a polo shirt to my waitress for appreciation and shared some inner dreams with someone who asked. ❤

  16. Sharing is to me as normal as breathing. I share my belongings, including the clothes off my back. I share the experiences and the wisdom I’ve gained over the years( when I feel the other person might be open to them). I share the grief of suffering all over the world and do what I can to ease the pain within the limits of my capabilities. And perhaps, most of all, I share myself by being true and honest without being brutal or tactless.

  17. On Sunday, I wandered through the Ballard farmers’ market and my attention (and a few dollars) were snagged by a lovely woman who makes delicious confections. I got a few and saved one to bring with my lunch on Monday. In honor of the 12 Days, I cut off a few bites and shared them with my colleagues — we all definitely shared in the enjoyment! (A lucky student passing by also got a taste.)

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